Tracking versions & builds for dummies?

I try not to pay too much attention to ongoing Blender builds and branches, preferring to focus on the art instead of the tool. So I use the release versions most often, preferring stability over cutting my fingers on edges (heh).

But the release version of 2.62 available from the download site seems to be the same that was reported to have serious audio lib problems, which was the reason I’ve reverted to 2.61 – my files were failing in 2.62. Some dialogs among the devs indicated a fix would be put up but so far it doesn’t seem to have happened.

So what’s the best way for a reluctant version scrounger to find not only the latest (and hopefully improved) build but also one that is not highly experimental and thus subject to major uh-ohs? I’m familiar with graphicall and have found a link to the BF daily builds, but little info as to what may or may not have been fixed. Must you download a build in order to read a change log?

bmesh was merged at revision 44256. If you want to keep with the tried mesh system, and to ensure current addons aren’t broken, don’t use a revision after this one until the official 2.63 release when most of the mesh modelling bugs should be more ironed out.

Thanks, Richard, that’s useful info but not quite what I’m asking. Is there a source to track change logs or some other docs that tell what’s what with builds? Or must each & every build be downloaded and the zip dug into just to find such info? doesn’t seem to have any links to such documentation.

The readme in the 2.62 release download zip links to a page that says there are change logs available, but there are none on the page and no links to them I could find.

MiikaH set this up not too long ago. RSS feed too.

SVN Stats

He serves up Optimized OpenMP enabled Windows builds too (once a day I think).


Many thanks, LarryPhillips (and MiikaH, too!). I guess this last reply falls into two categories – “An embarrassment of riches,” and “Careful what you wish for!” :wink:

Yeah no doubt. At least MiikaH made it easy to track changes again.

The audio bugs were fixed (or reverted) about mid Febuary if I remember correctly. So as Richard mentioned you may have luck with a build close to but not after r44255. After that and you’re into a whole mess of new bugs and broken addons so you’d be better off trying the latest revision in that case. Still buggy with busted addons but much better now. If possible I would stick with 2.61 if in the middle of a project or working on a deadline.

Definitely backup or use copies before loading /saving any valuable blend files in dev builds always! Nasty surprises await those who don’t follow this golden rule. (Like ending up with a whole mesh with no faces -although I think they fixed that a few days ago).


Good words of caution, which I follow religiously, or at least consistently. I’ll check on versions circa that you mention, and of course work with plenty of backup! Thanks again!