I am having a hard time getting an object to track the character. I have the actuator and what not set up and it tracks my character but faces away from him. So, all that can be seen is the objects back. I’ve tried flipping it arround, and its hard to mess with because the object has armatures and if I move it too much it just gets all screwy. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

Rotate the object in EDIT mode

The Track To actuator treats the object’s Positive Y axis as the forward direction.

You can:

  1. Parent the character (in case you have a rigged character with armatures) to an Empty and have the Empty do the tracking
  2. Rotate the object in Edit mode (you would be actually rotating the mesh, not the object), so the rotation does not affect the object’s rotation value.
  3. Select the character object and rotate him to face the positive Y axis, then press Ctrl + S > Rotation. This sets the objects current rotation as the original rotation settings.

Hey thanks a bunch. I used the attaching an empty method. Edit mode didn’t work because the object was rigged and such. And I am not smart enough how to do the ctrl s > rotation one, it just saved the game. Anywho, thanks everyone.

I would have gone with the Empty method as well, would be more reliable in the long run.