Tracks .. ?

Just wondering… can I make it so the track selection menu will feed from a folder, so if you have a folder with the track, textures, and picture in it, and it automatclly adds it to the selection menu? So you can add your own tracks, or use other people’s tracks, without doing any editing to the game itself?

Same with the car decals or cars?

Sure. You just have to program it that way. It really just takes some Python know-how.

You should try to learn Python yourself. Sure we can just feed you scripts…but then not only would you learn nothing…you would also be at our mercy if you want to edit it.


Hmm ok, I see. Would be cool :slight_smile:

No one has to donate, just wondering if it was possible. I don’t want to learn Python because I don’t have the time or desire, going to learn what I enjoy :slight_smile: I tried python once and it was like “ahhhhh!!!”

I think you can look at yofrankie. They do something similar with the levels as far as I can tell from the videos.

You can use this code to iterate over all the files in a directory:

import os

for file in os.listdir(os.curdir):

You may have to replace



GameLogic.expandPath("\\") # or "//", I forget

Ok thanks guys :slight_smile: