tractor, needs some corrections before it's finished...

(bverlaan) #1

here’s a tractor I made, it isn’t finished yet, as we all can see.
therefor it is: work in progress :slight_smile:



(sparc) #2

i think it has too much hard edges, try subsurfing your tractor.
the shadow looks good, but does the tractor really stand on the ground?

(S68) #3

Intersting desingn, but far too low poly, unless it’s for a game. And some more details are needed.

Shadows are unrealistic.

Indeed it looks like you have differnt meshes on different layers and a different spot on each layer affecting that layer only.

In essence, you should not be able to see the shadow of the foretool as two separate overlapping shadows or the steering wheel shadow at all.

Keep it up


(blengine) #4

yea its way too low poly for a render, i think itll look good if u high poly it up or remake some parts with detail and subsurf =)

(bverlaan) #5

hello, in the time I was offline I alreay made another render, without reading the forum.

next post will be more high poly etc.

thanx guys 8)

here is my newer version

p.s. the tractor is now further away, from the camera so you see less details :wink:

(bmax) #6

err, subsurf? :-?

(S68) #7

Also, light comes from back, and shadows hide lots of details :wink:


(bverlaan) #8

hello, here is the firdt ediotion, but then better (I hope)

any comments now???

greetz 8) :wink:

p.s. the browser doesn’t support as many collors as there are, if ya open it in photoshop it’s better quality:)

(digitalSlav) #9

either way the front would still be all black - try adding the light infront of the model so we can actually see it :slight_smile:

(S68) #10

Yup, much better, correct shadows, but poor lightning, add more light!


(bmax) #11

horrible lighting, but ahhh yes - subsurf. much better! :smiley:

(bverlaan) #12

I’ll do my best:) the lighting will be changed. I hope in a positive way :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll let you know when I got it a much better:S

thanx en greetz :wink:

(bmax) #13

hey, keep going, im very fond of tractors! :smiley: