Tractor Wars!

This is an unbelievably fun game (in my opinion) and it’s two player! Five game modes! Low poly graphics! Unfinished!

The gist of the game is that you try to collect as many bricks as possible and push them into the same color bin as your tractor. There is a menu that kind of describes everything.

I don’t plan on continuing this project, but I would love it if someone else wanted to take up the baton. I just thought I’d post it here rather than have it collect dust on my hard drive.

At present the strengths of the tractors is unbalanced in a couple of the modes. I was in the middle of some balancing when I stopped working on it.

Controls (1st Player)
Arrow Keys - Movement
Right Shift - Boost
Right Control - Spin backwards (to counter-act front flips)

Controls (2nd Player)
WASD - Movement
Left Shift - Boost
Left Control - Spin backwards

Have fun, and questions welcome!


PS: Mode 5 is completely broken, but you can take a look at it anyways (use 2nd player controls.)