Im using a toy as a reference, so it wont be too realistic.


good.i wanna ask something,hafunui:

will it be animatable?are the parts mobilized where the hydrolics are connected to ?

no it wont. i dont know much about animations anyway :-?

oh ok…if you mind to do,you can use the pystol move which is explained in offical blender manuel.
good luck with the work.
it will have great textures also,right?

i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

just do it… hehe looks great, but 1 question, is the hydralic piston on the toy really not round? dont like that but if thats on the toy, i dont mind it :slight_smile: and try to rig it for animation, takes hell of a time to figure that out, but when u finished that, u have learned how to animate in the future and rig ofgourse, like rest of us we all gonna start from somwhere right?

Ack, I guess autosmooth wasnt on high enough.

I’d like to learn how to rig it. When I finish i’ll look at some tuts.



very cool model. maybe make the wheel not so rounded (the side part of the wheel, the part that’s perpedicular to the ground)

very good at modelling :wink:

Little update. Almost done modeling.