Trade animation for sound fx or music


I make music and I am looking for someone ambitious to work on a few animated music videos with me. I would be willing to trade sound FX and music scores in return, for the artists’ future animation projects. If the artist and I get along, I would have no problem working with them indefinitely, including professionally should my music ever become popular.

I have one song that I have already come up with the concept and some of the ideas for scenes. The artist would have the freedom to pursue their vision in the middle portion of the song, as long as it follows the general theme that I have in my mind.

The song is on under the artist name TheUnfoldingUniverse. You can get there quickly by typing backslash theunfoldinguniverse. The name of the song is Prime Cognition

What I have envisioned for the song is as follows:

The intro of the song would be a pan down to a dirty industrial area from the sky, maybe through clouds and pollution. Part of the way through a (blue?) bird comes into view and we watch as it flies into the window of one of the buildings. Inside the building are thousands of robots, stamping away at the same time at some menial task. We follow the bird down onto the shoulder of one of the robots, and the bird proceeds to insert something into the head of the robot. The robot’s head begins to shake and spark and then the robot goes limp. Somehow the robot is hauled to the trash pile and eventually wakes up to the sight of a small flower in its view. As it becomes fully aware of it’s surrounding, and sees a world it never knew existed. Trees, birds, butterflies (etc) are all around. From here the artist has the freedom to create a vision that we both agree on, as long as the story line follows the basic idea that the robot becomes aware, finds more robots like him, and eventually finds love (maybe ?) and/or raises a rebellion. Towards the end, the robots square off against the system and fight to the death, in the view of the others in the factories. Eventually the rebellion is destroyed and the last thing we see is the little blue bird as it flies into another factory and lands on another shoulder.

The song can be edited to make scenes longer or shorter as needed. I suspect the beginning is too short to make the video intro I have explained.

Also, to be fair to the community, if anyone is looking for some music for a short animation, I am willing to check out your work and see what I can do pro-bono or if it is a longer project, we can work something out. My music on soundcloud is a representation of my work, but it can be directed to produce something different.