trade audio production for blender services


If anyone is interested I’d like to work out a trade of my audio services for your Blender skills. I will provide links to my work for anyone that responds to [email protected]. I’ve owned and operated a small commercial recording studio since 1984. Here’s a link that helps explain my audio experience

I need an interactive presentation app/game that will run on Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. There are several phenomenon that need to be presented with graphics and described with text and audio.

I think one room or background that gives the sense of three dimensional space could be used for every scene. Call that graphic a static element. I imagine there being about a dozen static elements that will appear ontop of that background at different times. There is one element that could be described as an information graph. This graphic is probably best generated using Python where I can supply stats and have an image rendered to a file that could be inserted into scenes.

I imagine we could design the graphics and a game or interactive framework where I could arrange content and events for numerous scenes.

Obviously we would need to be very clear about each of our needs and expectations. I will provide a document that carefully describes my requirements. I would want to be very clear about your needs as well.

Ron Parker