Trade - Need a promo image of my kitbash set

Here’s the product on Blender Market:

Medieval Kitbash Set

I’d love to trade this set + anything else I sell on Blender Market + anything I sell on my fantasy map symbols site for a beautiful promo image something along the lines of Kitbash3d’s covers (but horizontal). I’m happy to extend this invite to multiple people. Thanks for looking.

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I’d like to promote the Medival kitbash set along with my Modulator addon which is for placement and management of modular assets.

Additionally, I run the blender-addons website and I could promote your Medieval kitbash Set there as well. If you want to be an author on the website I usually ask for a 10% affiliate share. Or if you want me to write an article I normally ask for a 20% affiliate share.

Open for other ideas.

Robert (aka Peetie)

Is this your product?

Looks like it. Found your site as well. If you want to promote it, go ahead. I think you have to ask me to become an affiliate through Blender Market. I’ll take the 10% and make a quick post myself. Thanks.

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Thanks, D.M. sent.