trade of modeling and texturing for coding features?

I’d like to protype a game idea I have (actually two game ideas), however, I enjoy coding more, especially contributing to Blender. So I’d be interesting in coding improved or new modeling features for Blender, in exchange for modeling/animating effort. I figure a win win situation in that you do what you love, I do what I love everyone gets some nice feature improvements, and i get a few steps closer to making a neat dream come true.

The first game is almost all fairly simple vehicles with rather nonchallenging texturing. While animation would probably eventually come into play, it is a very nonessential aspect for prototyping

The second game would be almost pure animation of a human figure - with the animations being usually fairly interesting. Here the animation is essntial for protyping but the modeling and textureing mostly irrelevant. Also could involve weight painting and rigging of a preexisting model as the basis to do the animations with.

Probably some sort of NDA would need to be done, and other legalities…

Is there interest in such a thing? If so possibly message me, mail me, or post here.


Also a quick bit about myself for those who are not familiar with me

I help out with marketing aspects of Blender, doing things like preparing the release notes, responding to press inquiries, and other ‘marketing’ related activities, I also do competive analysis and research (Ie I did a complete examination of existing animation tools for Ton prior to the animation recode). I also do a lot of work related to helping script authors get their scripts bundled with Blender releases. I also code, mostly doing minor features and code cleanup. I’m very familiar with Blenders mesh editing code, and have familiarity with the some of the new armature code, the painting code, interface and events, python, and other areas. My single biggest code task in Blender to date has been the sculptmesh script which I coauthored with Michael Schardt.


I dont think this is what your looking for but ohwell…
Me and my brother have been working on a rpg for awhile now, he codes in C++. He was working on the open gl environment just the other day and everything seems stable. I have started work on characters and will do the animations soon. I think my Bros. first task was to get the log in script started with a very decent gui design by me. unfortunatly he has been going to a few raves since NewYears break and will be back tommarow :expressionless: Once the base for this game is finished the rest will be easy because a few other coders(very good coders) will help us. And maybe even some help from my bros friend who does this site he is the head programmer on the site. I must say that we havent asked him yet but im sure he will help us if we can acomplish some of the ground work. Partly on the fact that 90% of all people who say they are making a game wont make it passed base 1.

 Im really keeping this alive only on the fact that my brother will only code if their is decent art.  I have wow'd him alot over the past few weeks 

with some good game models.

 Its all just a chain effect:
    *Brother works on code if I do good art
    *Coder friends will help if they see progress
    *Game progress hits a point where others decide to join<

 Their is no problem with coders really because we have 5 coders (delphi lovers I call them)  waiting from word from my brother to help.  They also need insperation(ART) to get them going to  :x   but that is why I have been working for the last 3 weeks on models and plan to show them the work I have done in another month(To get enough models ready) witch should get the ball rolling.

 The reason I say this to you is because I have asked my brother to code for blender many times and the same response "I dont like 3d modeling and I dont have my interests set in that" neither do the other programmers.  But i see where your going with your post; it would help alot for new blender tools and I would like to do art for a game; unfortunatly my Bro. and I are set on an RPG.

 with 6 years of coding on my brothers back I think anything is possible for a basic begining.  it also wouldnt help to have more artists tho <im the only one so far *_* that is the main reason I started blender 6 months ago.....

HINTS* the game idea was on the shelf for along time.
I was planing on asking for help from ARTISTS when the game got off the ground and I still intend to do so I would give it 2 months becfore I will post something on the subject because people hate(me to) on game ideas and the asking for help.

Sorry for the long post, could have told you the whole story but that requires word pad and alot of coffee.

 Edit-I will update the progress on the game and show models also some of the login code or open GL stuff to see if that gives you more of an interest. but that can take some time so until then...

Hmmm well my second idea was apparently really good - since a game along the same vein will come out for the PSP in a couple of months

So - looks like I’ll be focusing on only the first game now…


I could actually do that after my exams :slight_smile: