Trading Card Game Model Request

Hello, I am a designer for Retrospective Games, and presently I am working on a trading card game concept to present to various potential publishers. Unfortunately, one man cannot create all of the models necessary to make this game realistic! That is why I am seeking help.

In the game, I have 3 types of units: Ethereal (Ghosts, Zombies, Skeletons, etc.), Animal (Dragons, Wolves, Aliens, etc.), and Mechs (Machines, Vehicles, etc.). If you could create a rigged, easily-edited, nice-looking model for one of these categories (or send me a link to some of them) this would be greatly appreciated. I have found several of the models I need on Blend Swap, already!

Note that the models don’t have to look perfect. This is not the product I will be selling, but merely a well-put-together prototype (Alpha 2). However, I still want it to look as clean and well-done as possible! You don’t need to worry about images or posing, I’ll do all of that on my own. I just need rigged models that can easily be edited (at least material-wise) should I need to do so. Thank you very much! You will, of course, be credited should I use your work.

Thank you for your time and effort.


Hello, my name is Neil and I think I can model and rig what you need. Most of my experience is in modelling architecture: houses, castles, churches etc. But I am very interested in your project and would like to help. I can model and rig any of the types you need. Can you tell me exactly which characters you still need?

Thank you for the reply, Neil!
Right now, what I’m trying to do is just get as many unique cards out there as possible. Being able to have rigged models/models that can easily be altered is particularly helpful because this enables the ability to create multiple cards using variations of the same model in different poses or even in different colors.

I’m hoping to pitch this game at local conventions, so honestly nearly anything will do, so long as the artwork is average or better!

Here are a couple of additional cards for you to check out. Just let me know what you can supply and I’ll see if I can fit it in! I’m trying to keep the doors as open as possible, so any models provided are very likely to be used. Here are a couple more cards. Thank you so much for volunteering!

I am looking from anything to characters to effects to unique backgrounds.

Any contributors will be credited for their work should their contributions be used (which they most likely will). At the moment, each box set will ship with a document that lists the names of each contributor along with a list of any models that they contributed. This is all I can afford money-wise, at the moment, but I also intend to compile a complete list and upload it to a credits page on my game-design website.

Thank you for your interest! Let me know if you want more details.
Unit types are MECH, ANIMAL, and ETHEREAL (ghosts/fairies/zombies/demons/angels - that sort of thing).

Vampire14.blend (1.45 MB)

Hello, Blendergod,

I have modelled and rigged a vampire character. Hopefully it’s good enough. If you’re happy with it, I can make more characters. (I’ve attached the blender file). I’ll post the textures separately. Thanks!

Here are the other textures!

Hello Blendergod, I have restarted my account under my name Neil Carpenter (hope it doesn’t cause confusion). I’m still new to this site and still learning my way round. Hope the vampire is good enough. Thanks.

Thanks! That’s really brilliant! Anything else you can provide will be most appreciated.

Sorry for the delay in replies - work tends to get in the way.

I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile: Did you get the blend file? If not, should I email it to you?

There are a lot of phenomenal models in these categories on Blendswap. If I might inquire what models have you chosen from there? That would help set the pace here for what you are looking for style-wise (and conflicts license-wise too perhaps). Also if you haven’t yet, check, it has lots of good art outside of 3D.

I did! Thank you very much - it will be some time before I’m able to sit down and work on my cards, but as soon as I’ve used it, I’ll send you the image for sure! Thanks very much for your work!

There are, indeed! I have a list compiled somewhere (deep within the depths of my unorganized document folder) of names and models I received from BlendSwap. I’d have to do some digging to find it, though. Here are a couple of the models I used (these are my favorites, anyway, as they were most easily posed, photographed, and altered) -

I have created two more characters, but the the blend files seem to be too big to upload. The skeleton is 3.91mb and the hydra is 6.38mb. Unfortunately, I can’t make them any smaller. Any ideas?

Those are both really excellent! Wow, I never expected such fantastic feedback and support.
I’ll PM you an email address and we can see if the models can be sent that way. Can you compress them into a zip folder?