Trading Card Game Using Blender?

Just woundering, do you think it’s possible to make a trading card game using blender?
I’ve never tried making anything like that before, so i have no idea how hard it is.

By trading card game…I mean were 2 players (the player and AI in this case) would battle each other using cards, like Pokemon or that Magic: The Gathering game.

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Anyone have any idea?
Anyone at all?

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Absolutely. Although, it will take lots of know-how and lots of Python skills.

I have attempted it many times…but never really gotten to it because its so time consuming.

Making a trading card game in any game-engine is pretty complicated. I can’t say I’d choose Blender to do it unless you’re really looking for a 3D representation. I started one several times using GameMaker. It’d be pretty cool to see something like this done in Blender though it would certainly stand out if it’s well done.

I used to be a big fan of the Yugioh Trading Card Game when the show was still on the air. Magic: The Gathering was fun too, but I never had any decent cards lol

The hardest part about programming a card game for the computer like that is going to be the rules of the cards… each card does something very specific and will need to be programmed to deal with all possibilities… which is a sheer nightmare.
It’s probably a lot easier to do a free style version where players simply play the cards and control everything themselves, but that would amount to nothing more than a virtual representation of the cards on the computer… not much of a game.

If you were planning your own original trading card game though you could maybe start very simple and release early versions of the game with only a few cards and then add cards as you go. But basically you’ll have to program each individual card’s rules into the game and account for every possibility that could occur… it’s a hell of a lot of work. lol

It doesn’t have to be that complicated. You could just narrow it down to a few factors/properties that every card has which is used to decide which card will win.

It’s definately possible but you would really be only using blender as a rendering engine and a file container. The rules for the game would be a nightmare to construct with logic bricks. You’d really have to do it in python.

It’s not impossible to do with bricks but it would be just silly and would only be done to prove a point.

What a bunch of Naysayers! It’s totally possible and with a good script and content, you’ll be able to get developers to help you make your awesome idea real.

  1. What Naysayers? Every single post says it’s possible. Literally every single one.

  2. Scripting in python is what we all suggested

  3. Or he could make it himself rather than get “developers” to do all the work

I agree with loopduplicate, ( you guys are chearing him down) its possible, i think that if someone face a work like this one he probably will be hired on a game company, try to learn python, there is a exelent tutorial that teatches almos all that you need to know to create your game.
This is the 10th tutorial look for the first one if you are a begginer like me.
But as rorkimaru said its impossible to create it with logicbricks, keep that in mind, even if you find a way to make it, the logic will be so heavy that the game will slow your pc down.
I really love the idea of a card game on blender, if you get really serious on this i can enter on that nightmare with you.

Thanks for the link Leon!
If i can figure out how to get the game to work, i’ll give you a message =P

Cant wait to play your game.