Tradition Architectural Render Look

Sent this one off for client review.

I thought I’d try a more tradition architectural look.

I’m sure the client will complain, but sometimes you have to be an artist.

I used tone mapping in Gimp. Don’t know of any other techniques.

If you can suggest something I’d appreciate it.

One criticism, the light in the sky is coming from behind the building, slightly off to the right according to the light levels in the clouds. The light on the building is coming from slightly front & right - so there is a miss-match between light source for the sky and for the model.

Just me being picky, but this sort of thing screams out at me…

Nice render of the building though - presumably the client is going to refurbish, or build the building?

Cheers, Clock.

The 9 townhouses are under construction now. The render will be used for marketing purposes.

As expected the client trashed the watercolor look. Shame. I thought it had potential.

Lot’s of revisions as well.

Thanks for looking.

Ignore them (but supply to them what they want, of course), keep working on this type of render for your own enjoyment. It has massive potential and will be appreciated by those on this website at least. It’s nice to see something new and “out of the ordinary”.

Cheers, Clock.

The client is still changing the design, but this is the look he wants.

I’ll put more life on the street and get the window reflections less busy.

Was ity the client that wanted a winters view of the building, it looks very cold, do they want renders other seasons. A little greenery and warmer colours usually help to sell properties. Reminds me of my last visit to NY, you have picked up the character of the streets in the image.

The client is nuts if he prefers the second render to the first one.

It’s improved a bit since the last post. Light is better. But yeah he wants this very plain look.

Architects usually want nothing to compete with their design.

Considering the quality of architecture in the modern age, that is a foolish approach for architects to have. Besides which the first one enhances the look of the building and the second one does nothing. It’s like the difference between a professional portrait where the photographer spends a bunch of time setting up the lights to be just right, vs. a selfie of the same subject in front of a bus station.

Great work.

I really like the first one.
It looks more warm, despite winter.

I’m told the design will change so I rendered it again with some drama to the lighting.

Might actually finish this one day.

Nice work. I think I would change the color of the gray box to the right to make it less imposing.


Thanks. Yes, I’ve been meaning to develop that building before the final render.


Yes I like the first one better also.