Traditional Drawings in 3D and Timelapses

(Craig Jones) #61

Lovely example of your workflow, thank you for sharing the timelapse!

(ambro) #62

An Eagle wing!

(ambro) #63

The Hunting mechanism of the Chameleon:

(ambro) #64

Frog and Dragonfly drawing with pastels:

(ambro) #65

Drawing a Rabbit and Butterflies with pastel:

(ambro) #66

Mallard Duck coloring with pastels on paper:

(Softwarespecial) #67

You have more then just Skill you have a lot of patients. Good work on both fronts.

(ambro) #68

Thank you! I needed more patience than usual for the next one :smiley:
Drawing a Chinese Water Dragon:

(ambro) #69

Drawing a Leopard with scratchboard in color and airbrush:

(ambro) #70

Red Kite with scratchboard coloring with airbrush:

(Craig Jones) #71

Simply beautiful work as always, especially appreciate that scratchboard as well

(ambro) #72

Thank you! One more scratchboard.
Flamingo’s turn:

(ambro) #73

Red Squirrel back to Pastel:

(ambro) #74

Another big one this time, Tiger in Water with pastel:

(Craig Jones) #75

Love it, this is awesome