Traditional Jars

I just started working on Traditional Jars and by then will make it a lamp by putting something on top of it. I am still new in 3D Arts and recently just started using Blender.
Anyone who can give me tips and tutorials on how it will be textured based on the photos I linked here.

Here is what I have done so far:

Here are my references:

I would like to get the color of the 2nd picture.

I love Blender, I love to learn from the community


I have tested a texture to my jar:

here is the texture what I used:

I can’t get rid of the lossy texture at the curve of the jar. Maybe my texture image was small.
Anyone can help? Any links of tutorials?


hello :slight_smile: how did you apply the image to the mesh? did you uv unwrap it? there is an option under the uv panel when you do unwrap it to help minimise stretch :slight_smile: if you can post your wireframes etc we should be able to go into more detail as to why the stretching has occured.

I’m with Chaney, let us see some UV maps (did yuo use them?) Because i noticed that the side of the jars looks like a project from view (above) and its just been stamped on…

Well, i figured i’d give it a go, and i ended up with the exact same result!
Try looking at UV mapping and Texturing Tutorials for some help.
The reason it didn’t work correctly is because you didn’t UV map it.
Also, the image is too low res, try getting a bigger one :wink:
Down there is the one i made in about 2 mins with no UV mapping, and it looks exactly the same as yours


Also it doesn’t look you’re shading smooth. Lastly, it might be a bit complicated for you, but when ever I make a clay texture, I use a bump map of fingerprints.

I have UV Mapped it. Maybe the way I did it was wrong. I went to Edit Mode then Unwrapped it in a Cylinder Projection and at the UV Image Editor, I just resized the vertices just to fit the image. I also added the material and texture with the same image. Did I do something wrong in the process?
Maybe I’ll look around for tutorials in UVMapping and Texturing Tutorials.

Thanks bacon, Wefyb and GraphiX for your help…

Here are the wireframes of the jars:

I had a problem unwrapping the last time, maybe this time, I have better unwrapping of the object that is why this image’s texture is better. I am still experimenting on different functionalities.

I still have to learn more on UV Mapping and Texturing.

Thanks for the help.
I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Before you unwrap, make sure that yuo make seams…i made a second one (because there is nothing more fun that making stuff at random) And i UV mapped with a single seam down one side, probably the best for this shape, and i noticed how small the texture is.
My test to see if a texture is too small is if when i turn on bump mapping the whole thing looks like it’s had chunks out of it, which is exactly what happenned. Just get a bigger image and yuo will be fine, also try retouchin it with PS or GIMP so that the 2 edges work together instead of having bad collour differences.

What do you edit your imaged in, both gimp and photoshop have an offsett feature, I just offsett my images to the right. and edit the seams with a clone tool to blend it away.

I just learned using seams now and going to apply it. This is great. I am learning a lot of new things.