"Traditional modernism"

Hi guys
this project was started at the beginning of september, when I started with the first drawings
and now I finally finished it.
I tried to combine traditional japanese construction methods with, what we call modern architecture.


Higher resolution images can be found here:

Wow, it is really nice, I would like to live there!

Do you have any previous experience with architectural design?

Thank you
I have little previous experience with architecture, I had architecture lessons in final year of school
and I did the architecture academy by Andrew Price

Wow! Amazing work, really like it!
I love especially the first render and the interior render.

Very nice! I love the composition in the first image. :slight_smile:

beautiful colors and composition!
the left bottom corner of the last image looks a little dark to me.

very easy on the eyes!

Very nice. I like the first one

Thank you all for your comments and compliments !

These are lovely but I would look at the water material. It looks to much like jello to me. Perhaps the top ripples are a bit big and wavy. More likely that they would be ring ripples from the edge or corner of the pool?