Traditional Week Long Challenge

Alltaken has proposed a traditional challenge. Here’s where it began,…
Any takers? :Z


  1. topic?
  2. b/w okay?
  3. reallife? cartoon? abstract?

Not sure yet,…but worthy questions to be sure.

I’m in game.

Just tell me the topic and I’m on it.

but no sci-fi. there should be at least one compo without sci-fi.

But how about images of dreams? A dream scape.

I like the dreamscape thing, but alltaken already set the theme as ‘blender’. Thread is in traditional subforum.
<edit> maybe we should go back to themeless…

arrr well bugger

i think i will attempt a better one some time :S

like some time thats “NOT THE HOLIDAY SEASON”

MODRON wins :stuck_out_tongue:


yay for meeeee! :smiley:

i think you should celebrate :wink:

…at the 50th blender confrence