Hello Everyone,

Just finished this project - Rendered in Indigo. Thanks for viewing!

Looks gray. Cant say much anything else.

Nice render and textures! I think it looks great, though not quite photorealistic.

Looks great!
Can u share the material settings for the glass?
SPECULAR= transparent + sss material? Im having some trouble getting it right.
Did u turn on Ray Trans on in Blender? I know for earlier versions u had to do this but not sure with the current.

Nice image, good textures but I agree with Eradicor the image looks desaturated. How long did you render it?

Out of curiosity - how did you do the trim work? Spline extrusion or something else?

Colour correction is required, maybe something like this? I’m not very good with colours but you see what i mean.


See the first pic below - when all els fails, lower the gain. I did not turn on ray trans in Blender.


24 hours approx.


Funny you should ask - I have been working on a “Profiles” project for all types of common molding - see the second pic for an example of the profiles for casing molding. I plane to put them all together and release on the BMR. They are bezier curves. I am off now for the Holidays, so perhaps I can get them finished.


I see what you mean, but I’m not sure I understand. How do you know when something needs color correction? I am just a humble hobbyist - in constant need of an education.

Thanks everyone for the comments!


Thnx for posting that.
I thought it may have had something to do with the gain. Also thought it may have been the ‘Dermis’ ‘Epedermis’ etc settings but i guess not.
Did you experiment with the IOR to get that final result for your picture? They say 1.53 is best for windows and 1.33 for water. I suppose they may simply be indications.
Thnx again.

Molding Profiles uploaded

Casing, Colonial Casing and Plinth
Bar Rail and Hand Rail
Base and Shoe Molding
Chair Rail, Batten, Astragal and Base Cap
Bed and Crown Molding
Tongue & Groove and Panel Mullion
Brick Molding

Instructions included

everything always needs color correction.
actually, it doesn’t but it’s a really good habit to get into playing around with a render in the image editor of your choice to see if you can’t push the contrast / saturation or curves to finesse a good image into a great image. Sometimes it’s suprising how much better something will look after a few tweaks with the curves or levels.