Traevaine Entertainment - PROJECT PANTHERA

(Tomoffel) #21

wow thanks! =)

i will go into it when i have finished the HUD scripts im working on at the moment and start with the ai

(DennisH2010) #22

The house of the player without external walls.

Home for the Player floor and wall update 2Youtube Video :

(DennisH2010) #23

The house of the player without external walls.

(DennisH2010) #24

new interior update

(DennisH2010) #25

new interior updateHome for the Player floor and wall update 4

(DennisH2010) #26
Teletubby clothing lol

(Smoking_mirror) #27

I like how his chest is a working TV. Very nice.

But creepy costume ㅠㅠ

(DennisH2010) #28

The house almost done

(DennisH2010) #29


check out the videos on youtube:

funny couch bugs (lol)

couch face normal salat (bug)

sitting on a wall

(DennisH2010) #30

Player House new texture
and virtual done (95%)

New Videos on Youtube:

(DennisH2010) #31

Players Home finally done

(JESUSFRK14) #32

That house is AMAZING :smiley:

(DennisH2010) #33

thank you JESUSFRK14
It took two weeks to create it.
Now I work at the walk cycle of Character.

new walkcycle test 1 for Player


(DennisH2010) #34

TraevaineTeam Building’s

Video on Youtube : TraevaineTeam Buildings

(DennisH2010) #35

New Player Update:

now we can change the body mass of the player by pressing the arrow keys

(DennisH2010) #36

body mass update 2
looks better

(DennisH2010) #37

a new video is on, which shows how well it works in real time.
Blender Game Engine change body mass test 4 in real time

(HumpbackWhale) #38

haha, i’m loving the fat one XD

btw house is amazing and at your post where you show your buildings the one at the right bottom corner reminds me of oblivion? ah well it might be just me XD

(DennisH2010) #39

jo fatty rocked !
maybe I’ll give him an Elvis costume:RocknRoll:

the chapel building was created by Tomoffel

Tomoffel / Phil / Phil:
Game Design, Art and Scripting
youtube channel:

(rolo_gl) #40

On the picture of the underfed man, I think you simple scaled him down, but in a real skinny men, the skin stretch over the bones while these do not change their size (for example the pelvis should not shrink, but become almost easy to view as a bump below the skin). Besides that all looks really great.