Traffic light prop

Work in progress of a large scene.
Here a model and texture of a prop, a traffic light
Model and render with blender
Textures by Substance

Looks really believable. Nice use of colours. Especially the dark brown tones in the creases where the visors are connected to the main body give much depth to the model. And the little imperfections in the bare metal at the edges give some nice reflections!

But i think your bump or normal map is incorrect. At the bottom edges of the mainbody it looks like the bare metal has more height as the orange paint as there are reflections from a light above instead of shadows. As the the bare metal is only visible as the paint has been worn down over time I think it should be the other way round. Maybe you haven’t set the mode of the normal map correctly in Subtance… I think it has to set to OpenGL instead of the standard DirectX to work correctly in cycles.

Other thans that: great render!

oh! thanks a lot @R.R . Great feedback!

very good waiting for the final result