Traffic system for blender : new ideas and help with python

Hello to everyone,

I don’t know if someone has thought about what I will explain now,I didn’t find anything about it,anyway,this is what I’m trying to do…I would like to build a complete traffic system for Blender,avoiding to create everything from scratch. Yesterday I’ve found this open source tool and I’d an idea :

I’ve thought : what about to use this system for creating a Real Time Vehicular Traffic Simulation ? So,I’ve started immediately and I’ve completed some steps of the project :

  1. I have selected an area with the help of the openstreetmap and I have populated it with cars,lights and road signals inside sumo
  2. since sumo is not 3D,I’ve found this tool,that is :

and you can see that the 3d world has been filled up with the buildings. I don’t see the cars and the lights with the road signals,but they should be there…I’m trying to understand why there aren’t. If someone wants to help is better,so we can finalize the project in less time,I created this post :

John Connor

Sumo-web3d does not show cars and road signs on the 3D world : how to apply some solutions

python, sumo

asked by John Connor on 12:49PM - 14 Nov 18 UTC

  1. here I would like to find a way to convert the json files of the sumo-web3d project in obj files because I want to import them inside blender,but I don’t know how to do…
  2. I found this import / export addon for json for blender that should do the next step……/

or this :


in theory we should only understand how to extract the scene informations from the threejs file of sumo-web3d and convert it to obj :P…this is valid for the 3D geometry…I don’t know how to export also the animations (driving cars,lights on and off)…to make them work inside blender…

I’ve got this idea and I tried to do my best to reach the goal,but since I’m not a developer or a programmer or an experienced blender user,I can only give this idea to someone who has a knowledge better than mine…