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traffiq thread: vehicles for Blender

We at have just released a new product called traffiq which is focused on vehicles and their related assets and here I would like to start a thread about it where members of our team can post future progress and gather back feedback.

Idea to create something like traffiq flickered a long time ago but only recently after botaniq’s success we’ve decided it’s a good time to put in all the effort to make it a reality.

traffiq contains:

  • 9 contemporary cars
  • 7 utility vehicles (traffiq 1.1)
  • 3 classic cars
  • 1 bus
  • 1 tram
  • 1 motorcycle
  • 19 traffic related assets.

We would be grateful for and listen closely to your feedback. Either if it’s cars/transport you’d like to see but also comments about the addon in general, the models, the materials, etc…




Spawn Assets

Random or Custom Color

Snap to Ground




First test of upcoming feature, automatic wheel rotation :wink:

don’t mind the missing driver :smiley:


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one more from viewport


I have been working on some new stuff for traffiq.
Any suggestions what to add next?.. Just send it!

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So I have bought this pack and love it.

I have some some feed back for possible future updates. I am a civil engineer so my renders comprise of roads and highways. The way our design software outputs data I am able to create bezier curves for traffic alignments. It would be great if you could have the addon allow me to select a curve and have it randomly place vehicals and colours along that curve, along with motion along that curve as well.

Looking at the wheel update coming I suppose the other thing would be if the wheels can turn according to the curve radius. This is obviously nice to have’s, but would be super helpful for any civil engineer types out there.

Loving your packs though really top quality.

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Hi there,

We’ve noticed your rating and did put your request into our roadmap for traffiq. Can’t say when but we’ll definitely try to have it in traffiq before the end of the year. Also some kind of traffic light / intersection simulation would be great.

Right now our focus is more on new assets especially other various forms of transport like trains, ships, airplanes.


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Hi guys, Traffic really looks like a very interesting asset pack! The cars look beautiful!

I just have two little feature propositions…

Currently everything, cars and street props, looks super clean.
For cars this can be desired and realistic in certain cases. But street props are never this clean. Not even in the cleanest city.
I think it would be great to have a dirt slider for all of the objects, incl. the cars/bus/bike.
This could raise the realism and also make the asset pack being useful for a wider range of projects.

My second proposition: I don’t have Traffiq (yet). So I don’t know how many polys the cars have. But it might be really helpful to have two different LOD’s of each car.
One high quality for hero cars in the foreground. And one low quality for prop cars in the background. It’s not great fun to fill up a whole city scenery with high quality car meshes. :wink:

I’m very curious to see what else you gonna add to Traffic…

I got Traffiq a while back and got to explore it during the weekend. Really nice pack.
@JollyJumper The car paint shader are nicely separated to a linked file really easy to add your own mods but i do agree with dirt idea. If you wanted to go with generic model maybe your interest at looking at the sales of common car and progress with new models along this direction.,car%20market%20expanded%20in%202019.

That would be amazing if you can implement a traffic system that works with intersections and on/off ramps. Its basically the one thing that Blender seems to be missing that other civil viz software has.

Not sure what the idea and methodology would be behind the setup. But would be great if traffic could effectively transition between curves, so for example a car can be travelling down a freeway, then transitions to another curve that represents the exit ramp.

Anyway just some things would make this absolutely amazing, and I would probably pay even more for.

None the less completely get that assets need to be added so will be waiting patiently.

Thanks again.

Thanks, there much more to come:) We already have 2 new cars finished and many more in production.

Yes definitely, although the street props are dirty (most of them) and scratched the cars are not and we’ll implement that for sure. Our only problem with this is that Blender only really allows 1 easily definable value per collection and that is the “Object Color” that we found out about and we kind of use that for the color of the cars. Maybe we find a way how to do this without having to “Convert to Editable”.

Also in the plans. The cars have 500-900k but this can go all the way down to 100k with the decimation modifier and the change is hardly negligible.

While it might not be a good idea to do that with real meshes it’s pretty much fine to do it with instanced collections which don’t add much memory as they are duplicated. You can also change their viewport display to bounding box and then it doesn’t even take much GPU.

Thanks, we checked it out and while we’ll be adding lots of common generic cars we’d also like to add the cars that stand out or are special utility cars (vans etc).

However thanks for the link I thought Golf is number 1 but would never even suspect Renault Clio being number 2, that really surprised me.

We’d love to do that however of course that’s a pretty giant undertaking. It will find it’s way into traffiq eventually though.

When it comes to paying more, the only way to do that is to buy traffiq again later:) We don’t plan to create lots of smaller products and would like everyone to have it all at a good price.


Just working on the Polestar for upcoming Traffiq release.
Alot more is coming, so stay tuned!


Ha, ha ha…I think we have different ideas of ‘dirty’. :wink:
My experience is, that it should rather be a bit too much, than too little. Small scratches will hardly be visible on most renders.

Thanks for the answers, Adam. Everything sounds very interesting.

I couldn’t help chiming in here with my feedback as well after just purchasing this add-on

The full models are extremely well detailed and as mentioned above they decimate amazingly well. At 10% they are still well above the quality I need for background models and will probably work in most cases for animation at 10% decimate judging by these images I made at 1080P 200 samples.

On my wishlist…
More utility type vehicles like vans, trucks, trailers, caravans, campers etc

Until wheel rotation and steering is included I’d love to have the wheels separated from the body so I can animate them with the Rigacar add-on without separating them myself.

Separating headlights, brakelights, indicators etc as independant objects within the model so they can be easily animated on and off would be a huge bonus. For example, at the moment it needs a bit of kitbashing to separate left and right signals before animating the emission shader.

Apart from that, Traffiq is a massively good value add-on and I can’t wait for the extra assets that have been promised

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Hello Holden,
thank you for your feedback.
We are actually already working on decimation and animatable lights.
About the utility vehicles, I just modeled this Ford-Transit and I am currently working on Volvo fm9.
And there is also going to be Volkswagen-transporter for example… :slight_smile:


Awesone :slight_smile:
How do I find out when new models are available and how to access them?

We’ll do that for the next version:) And we’ll see about the decimation but don’t want to promise:)

We’ll have the new version of traffiq on 1st of August. Mostly with more assets and separated wheels. Once we release the new version we’ll send out a creator email to everyone who has purchased traffiq so you should be able to keep track of it this way. Then you’ll simply go to your account on BlenderMarket into the orders and go to downloads for traffiq:)

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Just bought the assets, the cars look really nice, but I agree a dirt option of some sorts would be good.

I’d also like to suggest to add a randomized passenger option. Not all cars are fully robotic for any time soon :wink: That would really add to realism, especially on the open cars and bikes…

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Another utility vehicle i am working on, the Volvo FM9! :slight_smile:
Anything else you would like to see in traffiq?