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Since alot of you guys asked for utility vehicles, next release is gonna be focused on them :slight_smile:

Here is an update on the Volvo FM9, there is also gonna be a version with tipper body, ford transit + the box body version of it, Volkswagen transporter, Chevrolet pick-up truck and a little excavator.

If there is any other vehicle you need, either utility or casual, let us know right here and maybe you will see it in next release!


Already using your library in my daily work. As a city planner I mainly i use them in visualization projects. I love that u working on some bigger vans. To show the actual users of the urban space, I really like to see some more casual all day cars. My images look really dumb when there are just sport cars parked in the street. A wear and tear slider would also be cool.

Thanks for you excellent work.

Best regards

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Loving the addon, been using it for some of my civil engineering viz work.


Guys we just made a discord server where you can see work in progress, chat with us, give us suggestions about our addons, ask for feedback and even for some general help with Blender! :slight_smile:
Come join us!

Utility vehicles are ready! Just few more minor touches and they are good to go :slight_smile:
We also separated the wheels of all vehicles, so you can rig them more easily.
But we are also planning implementing rigs in the future dont worry!
What do you guys think about this update? Is it something for you, or would you appreciate something else? You can always let us know here, on our Instagram, Discord or Blendermarket.
We read every feedback and take it into count for next updates!


Awesome work guys can’t wait to try them out.

One issue I have though is the color generation is not random enough. I have spawned the same vehicle over 20 times as they are almost all a few different shades of gray/silver with a couple of white ones before eventually getting a blue or red. Using the manual color selector didn’t change anything, it still spawned random colors.

Something I noticed though is changing the number extension of the vehicle name was a more efficient way of getting a new random color. For example changing the “.001” to “.4” “.5” etc was more likely to change from a gray car to red, green, blue than if you change it to “.004” or “.005” for some reason.

This is still a great value product though and I’m still loving it

Hi Holden,

We’ve based the colors mostly on these statistics.

In the material it then looks like this:

You are of course free to open the Library_Traffiq_Materials.blend in blends_280 and edit this. Just make sure it’s not 2.80 because that would break some stuff we do there - so use 2.81+.

Here’s 20 i30s

If the manual color selector didn’t change a thing there is a possibility you’re using 2.80.75 as we’re using a specific feature that only made it into Blender 2.81 and that’s the fact that you can use Object Color in the Shader Editor.

This in the Viewport Display of the Object in Properties
Is then sent into the Object info node here as “Color”

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Hey guys,

would just like to let you know that we’ve just released traffiq 1.1:) It contains much needed utility vehicles that we felt were often missing from 3D scenes even though they are very important.

We have also made lots of other changes so here is the release log:

2020/08/25: Traffiq 1.1 Added 7 new assets - utility vehicles, separated wheels & brakes, improved snap to ground feature, all lights are turned on, assets are now spawned into traffiq’s own collection, fixed many geometry problems overall, made materials linked where possible, redid most normals to point correctly, improved car paint material.

All the best,


Hi Adam!

Thanks! great update!
It is possible to just get the new models and not have to install the whole new package?


Unfortunately no as we have updated the addon aswell. It’s best to remove the previous version and install the new one. In the future we’d like to have automatic updates but it’s very complicated to do properly:)

Thanks for the extra info about colors Adam. Changing properties panel seems the easiest way to make changes.

The manual color selector in the tool panel doesn’t affect my newly spawned asset. I’m using 2.83 now but I vaguely remember it working a while ago possibly on a different version but not 100% sure.

Update: just downloaded the new traffiq 1.1 and the manual color selection is working perfectly :wink:

Hey guys, do you plan to add some cargo/horse/etc trailers with accessible interieurs? That would be a big bonus :slight_smile:

Glad it works:) We’ve had some reports of certain problems here and there though so will work on it a bit more.

What an odd request:) Why might I ask? Of course it’s possible but it’s quite a niche!:slight_smile:

Traffiq and 2.91 doesn’t seem to be playing well together. :slight_smile:

Just giving you a heads up!

Windows 10
AMD 580

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the report, I was curious so I tried it and nothing wrong here.

Does it not happen sometime else? Maybe you have odd World settings? Also should update drivers definitely.

This is what I see:


Traffiq 1.1
It went a head and did a factory install of 2.91 and it’s still there. Peculiarly it working fine on the MacOS version of 2.91
I’m on the latest AMD drivers for my card on Windows 10, so I guess it’s just an issue that the devs still need to work out.
Windows 10


It’s unfortunate but I have to say it looks pretty darn cool:)
Yeah I guess it’s something with Blender 2.91 OpenGL.

For what it’s worth, it’s the “Basic Glass” material that’s causing the issue.
I can delete it and everything will be fine. If I assign it to the default cube then the cube has the same issues.

Hope this helps with debugging.

EDIT: From screen grab example you provided it looks like you don’t have the glass enabled in the viewport, which may be the reason you’re not see this issue.

Either way, the OSX version of Blender seems to be handling it fine.

Thanks for this. I checked the material and it’s as simple as materials get. Just a single Glass BSDF Node… So probably shouldn’t be a problem. But just out of curiosity maybe try changing from Beckmann to GGX. However those don’t even influence Eevee…

I enabled the glass and still no problem.

Hi, just to chime in, I am using 2.91 as well and I noticed there are a few issues with materials in general. This applies not only specifically to Traffiq, Extreme PBE Evo has issues with some materials in that Alpha version as well.
If you apply materials in solid mode and than switch back to material preview the issues can sometimes be overcome.

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