trailer canvas animation..

Hi everybody…I’d like to do a (what I though was a) simple animation of a trailer behind a car with a 5 ribs canvas that are pulled to cover the trailer.
The canvas must be fixed around the ribs but must deform during animation between the ribs that are moving away from each other so that at the end the canvas will become completely stretched.
Is there any good idea on how to start?? Thanks

You might want to think of it in steps.
Create the trailer with the ribs.
Then create a subdivided plane and make it a cloth that falls onto the ribs. Then freeze the plane when it is in the correct shape.
Now you have the mesh in the “taught” form.
From there you can create vertex groups for the between ribs sections.
Various animation techniques could then be used.
Attach empties and animate by hand, apply a wave modifier, or soft body with goal.

I would like to have a test with the soft body with goal…but it’s my first ever with this technique…do you have a link to a good tutorial? Thanks Atom…