Trailer created in Blender

Hello Blender community,

My name is Lee Stripp and I’m currently working on a short film called “Only the Night”.
All the Editing, ColourGrading, Sound Design and Visual Effects are being done in Blender.

So far we have finished the Trailer, the film is on its way in a few months. Just thought you maybe interested. We would love to here you.


Quick update…

I got the Trailer all done using Blender, but sadly I had to go back to Lightworks when I upgraded to Blender 2.77a it broke all the audio, it was a mess, oh well…

Film edit is done and has now been sent to Sound Design, Grade and Music… More people came on board as the project progressed, so now in the full film only the main titles were done using Blender. I was hoping to do it all in Blender but thats how these things go sometimes.