Trailer of my next amateur short film "BIG BROTHER"

Hi, I’m Yannis Brun, I’m 16 years old and I’m French. I create animations for 4 years (in october) and I want to show you the trailer of my next short film :

My others short are here :
I hope you will like it ! :smiley: (sorry for my english)

Very nice man. Like the style and animation on the character and overall look. What thrown me off though in the first post video was the yellow flying disc… for some reason it seems so unnatural… shouldn’t it be rotating & more motion blur… because when that things flies behind it looks unnatural (how does it fly without turning really fast?) and bit like slid show (that’s why i suppose some motion blur needed)

All things said you are definitely on good track… video looks super good. Just the things in background are bit slideshow looking (jittery) instead of smoothly moving (most probably not enough motion blur). But overall good work very close to professional level.

You do know you posted this twice, right?

Thank you underhood, okay I will work on the motion blur and the background.
Yes XeroShadow I don’t know how delete the other post…

Contact a moderator and have them to delete it.

It’s okay !