trailer: pixar Cars

the trailer for the pixar film that is comming out next year november.


The bee thing made me jump from my seat, heh (even though it was predictable).

(NOTE TO SELF: do not sit that close to the screen again while watching a trailer.[/i]

Man I love the texturing in that! the car racing seemed a lil unreal until the car spunout :slight_smile:

That looks so cool, I love Pixar films.

I saw it before The Incredibles. Looks pretty good to me :slight_smile:

The Incredibles was amazing. Anyone else see it?

Yes. It was excellent. I will be buying the DVD when it is released.

I just saw the incredibles and it was the funniest and best movie made by pixar to date. I also saw a preview of pixar’s cars before it started and looked like it would be a hit when it comes out.

is the incredibles a must see? im thinking about seeing it.

i realy liked the trailer of cars. those guys are getting better and better.

Yeah, I think cars is there last movie with Disney, because they want to split from Disney. Anyways I’m a scuba diver and Nemo was so awesome, I really like it, I have to see the incredibles too still not out here in holland only some primiere’s :wink:

Pixar movies are always great. I would love to work there (the Pixar dudes/dudettes, they’re always joking around and that reflects in their movies…must be a fun place to work at).

Looking forward to seeing both of these movies.


Very cool, I noticed some nice SSS when the bee was in the flower.

is the incredibles a must see? im thinking about seeing it.


yes, i also saw the incredibles. the hair is absolutely fantastic!!!
not to mention the shading, animation, modelling, and all that other hoopla :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought the part when elastigirl got stuck between about 4 doors was particularly hilarious :smiley:

I miss the debris in the race. And why did they cut out from the crash! :frowning:


ps. cool stuff, btw.

SOO COOL! I just love that old shabby goofy farmer car!
Pixar’s really great! When I’m grown up, I wanna work there… But that’ll be a lot o work, and I have to move to the USA… And I guess there are a lot more out there who are far better than me… :frowning: I can at least try :-?

I want to know if that graphic at the end is Cg or not. the one with the shiny paint tyhat says Cars. It has unbelievable reflections and lighting. I doubt it’s CG

The trailer for “Cars” didn’t do anything for me. I simply don’t get it. Doubt I’ll see it. “The incredibles” on the other hand I will :smiley:

Just saw incredibles tonight. I enjoyed it. As the guy next to me said, Cars looks like a cartoon for Redneck kids. :slight_smile:

Cars looks ok but I’m not looking forward to it as much as I was The Incredibles, which I saw at the weekend.

I wasn’t blown away by it. I still think Toy Story is Pixar’s greatest achievement. The effects in The Incredibles were very good and clearly used some of the techniques Pixar figured out for Finding Nemo.

But there weren’t as many laughs as I’d hoped for. What they did well was to match the superheroes’ abilities to the situations they found themselves in well, like someone mentioned with the doors and elastigirl.

I did enjoy it but it’s not a movie I’d want to watch again unlike the Toy Story 1,2 and Shrek 1,2 movies, which I’ve seen at least 3 times each.