Trails (How To)?

Hi All,

Just wondering if Blender can do trails for objects.

I have a mesh arrow that is following a curve. I want the arrow to leave a trail. Can blender do this?:spin:

Using Blender 2.48, I have concluded that trails of objects are not possible along a curve.

I tried use an emitter and a guide curve. This comes close using the billboard setting, but I need a full 3D object, not just a plane. The object and group settings do not support curve guides (why?)

I tried using an array modifier, but that does not work along a curve. Parenting and such causes cyclic dependency.

The only method left is good old brute force. I created 4 copies of my source object and offset them along a curve and gave each one of them a material with the alpha dropping off a little more for each copy.


ras_deformable_arrow_1b.blend (388 KB)