Trails in water : Motor boat animation.

Hello! Inspired by the Ocean course on "Andrew Price’s “Nature Academy”, I am working again on my boat trail animation system. I have left my Magic Rope and Lattice system aside, and now I’m using a curve modifier for the trajectory of the boat. As it uses less constraints, It works faster, allows more accuracy in the trajectory and gives a more realistic trail. However, it still requires two instances of the Ocean sim.
This version has no foam texture, because i still have to improve the way foam is added to the trail. You will notice that the water has some transparency, showing a dark green color in the depth of the sea. I used a diagonal gradient Black and White image UV mapped onto the original Ocean plane and rescaled to fit the whole ocean surface. this gradient drives the Alpha value and allows transparency to be less or not active away from the camera (still a bit too transparent in this example I think).

For this animation test, I used no compositing at all. The animation is as it is rendered.

Wow, nice work considering there is no compositing! I like the colors. Some crits: The waves should be smaller I think, or the boat bigger. Right now it looks like a toy boat.

You are right about the scale. I already increased the size of the boat, but not enough. In fact, the aspect is dependent on the waves resolution. First I used resolution 12 with sharper waves, but as the render time was too long I decreased the resolution to 8 in the Ocean simulator, and smoother waves (with less details, so) looks bigger…