Train - Int

Here’s the interior of a train… What’s neat is that the picture outside the window and the lighting drive the emotion of the image. It could easily be turned into a space scene, or western, underwater, or anything, really. Post Pro done in Photoshop.

Looks nice, I agree the eyes are drawn to the window first. Although I think it could be improved by putting some detail on the bench, Purse, coat, ect…

Simple and sweet. I really like it.

I really like the way the reflections on the seats turned out. Glossy Reflections are cool. I aso thought that I could put a table in it and it would be a diner.

uh i really like the mood of the image. Good work :slight_smile:
what distracts me a little is that the shadows aren’t right. The sun oudside is shining to the right, while in the train the sun seems to come directly from the front. Perhaps the image can be improved with proper lighting and some dirt maps :smiley:

looks kinda like the windows wallpaper, but too much contrast

I agree

Its technically a very simple image, but well executed. Simple, yet effective :yes:

Very fine use of forced-perspective and symmetry. A strong, compelling image with good balance; a photographic “solarization” effect. Well done.