(Shashwat Patkar) #1

This is what looks like when someone works for a weeks straight for about 6 hours a day in blender for a competition he doesn’t know he’ll win anymore. ( and I lost T_T! )

My entry for the Weekly Competition at the Blender Discord Server, I realized my render didn’t really match the theme by the but it’s a pretty image by the end I think, The theme was “Tranquility”. I put a lot of work in the train and the subway, and this was my first completely polished character (which I half hid with the rim lighting cause it’s ugly from the front.) I think where I faced most of my problems were at the pose stage.

Ignore the rapid transit sides, I didn’t even bother texturing them properly since they’d half end up hidden in the scene.

More renders on artstation:

(strapazie) #2

Very impressive, I really like the colours!
I think I wouldnt be able to acomplish this in a week :slight_smile:

(Shashwat Patkar) #3

it’s hella lot of work, I regret working so much :stuck_out_tongue:

(Member) #4

Oh man awesome work…


Amazing work! For the amount of detail, the time it took is minimal :smile: good job

(strapazie) #6

haha, dont regret that, it came out pretty good :slight_smile: no need to regret at all :+1:

(Shashwat Patkar) #7

Thank you!

(Shashwat Patkar) #8

Ey thanks for the cheer up :slight_smile:

(Shashwat Patkar) #9

I tried to pack so much details and in the end it got mostly hidden :smile:

(ChameleonScales) #10

Not anymore. You’re #featured

(Shashwat Patkar) #11

Wait what when whhhhhaaaaaaaat the

(ChameleonScales) #12

wait, sorry I forgot to ask you:
would you prefer to have the second image with the character on the top row? (I would)

(Shashwat Patkar) #13

I don’t mind one bit

(ChameleonScales) #14

ok so I could do it for you but I prefer to let you do it so you know how to do it in the future:

the thumbnails are all generated automatically by selecting the first image url in the first post, so it’s as simple as clicking on the pencil to edit your first post and putting the url of the image you want to have featured before the others.

(Shashwat Patkar) #15

Cool, but can you please do it just this once? The mobile browse version for the same is extremely confusing.

(ChameleonScales) #16

Note that once you’re featured, your topic moves to the Forum Gallery category, in which only admins can edit the first post and title, so if you want to change things afterwards feel free to ask moderators.

(ChameleonScales) #17

Done. Now enjoy your well deserved visibility.

(Shashwat Patkar) #18

Thanks a lot!

(ChameleonScales) #19

also, have a look at this to make better multi-image posts:

(strapazie) #20

well deserved :+1: