Train smoke simulation

I am making a scene with a steam train in it but having great trouble getting the smoke correct. It doesn’t look anything like the 3d view ( which looks o.k in the right place and amount etc.(goes up from chimney and back in a trail) but is all over the shop(even forward of the wind) I have tried adding wind etc to blow the smoke in the right direction etc.but no joy any tips would be great. I have tried making a tunnel for the smoke in the right shape then not rendering it but the smoke doesn’t show up then…:confused:

Hey, Cook. Can you provide your blend file? If not, I can whip together some smoke being blown by a “wind” force if that would help. I think it might be better to troubleshoot your file though.


You should use Force field

sorry but the blend file is too big for the site limit… tell me what you need to know and I’ll tell you… (thanks btw)

force field instead of wind?

Hey Cook… I messed around a bit with a crude smoke sim where a “train” is moving along making smoke and it got me to wondering… the smoke does not blow away so to speak but it just stays there while the train is moving, right? Play the attached blend file and you will see what I mean. The smoke rises nicely as the “train” goes merrily along. Is not this the effect you were after?

In any case, there is an empty at the end of the sim domain that has a wind forece field with the strength currently set to -0-. Move that up to see the effect on the simulation.

Hope this helps.



Train Smoke.blend (1.2 MB)

Mmmm interestin… will investigate and report back! Cheers Animwannab

Ok Cheers got it sorted… I had made a few errors doh… first trying to make the domain smaller and parenting to the train so it moves along (cofuses where the smoke appears) and second I had edited the domain in edit mode( confuses the scale of the simulation)… so now I have it pretty much like Animwannab 's blend file but with a bit of force upwards and a bit of a fiddle with gravity values etc… thanks for the pointers I can get on with my animation now!

To clarify about the “scale of the simulation”: when editing in Edit mode, the texture space gets deformed, and the texture space is what is used to give the sim it’s coordinates, so to say. (in the object tab, check “texture space” to show how your texture space looks like)