Train Station "Zidenice"

very small pack of object for my new scene next will be better

tomorrow i will go take many photos from real train station Zidenice in my city Brno and i will make lots of objects for this scene if don’t no rain it

G_Taurus? The one who made “Heatstation smokestack”? If so, I expect something really interesting here! Good luck!

Nice begining. All the best.

rozmiarek:yes I’m.

small progress

looks great so far! Keep it up.

and last one for today night

refresh last one :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s coming along nicely.

woah… u call that “small progress”? That is way ahead of me, at least I never was that patient to modell a complex scene, somehow I lose interest or feel like I will fail anyway :smiley:

Looks awesome! :slight_smile: go for it!

small update some new objects

my new progress

It’s really coming along now. Is the background all a picture or is anything modeled?

new progress

Papium:objects for left and right side are textures

Looks great so far, but I just find weird that the girl with the baby chair (I don’t know how to call it) just walk beside the train…

Anyway, good job =)

i don’t really like the lighting on the last version. i think it is to yellowish for a sundown/rise.
the one two posts above looked far more natural.

and that woman with the baby is definitely not supposed to be there. i don’t know any country you can still cross the railway lines on a trainstation! --> underpass

oh, and that grass-sprite… i know that one very good from hl2 modding :wink:

This is looking good. I like the scene composition. I like the sunset feeling too, I think the yellow light color suits that feeling very well. The lighting is too monochromatic though. I’d set the lighting setup so the shadows shifts toward blue.

Oh. And that woman with the baby cart attracts the eye like hell. She clearly should not be there. I hope this is a commissioned work about security in train stations.

Attached is an illustrated example of how I would modify the render (modified in Photoshop so the example is rough but this is just to get the idea): The shadows have a tint of blue coming from the sky. And I gamma corrected the render to get details back from the shadowed parts of the scene and otherwise get less harsh contrasts.


new progress

Nice scene. Two things though. I also agree that the woman with the stroller should not be there, but mostly because the path that she takes does not have ay ramps. You expect the viewer to believe that she took a baby stroller up and down those steps?

The other thing that bothers me about this is the gauge of the rails. either the rails are too close together or the track itself is too far from the platform. It just looks too narrow and seems like the train would fall over.