Train station

I’m doing this for one of my friends, who is a big fan of trains. What I’m trying to do here is to set the scene as an eerie deserted train station, with trash and stuff laying around. Could you guys help me make this look more realistic? The train is just a simple cylinder thing, the trash can is blocky, and the soda cans are mysteriously red. So far i’ve only put about 1 hour 30 min into this, but i’m hoping it’ll only be around a 4 hour project.

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add some more detail such as old rusting piping, ceiling tiles coming down, you could also show and array of lights with most or some of them dead. add a a bench for passengers waiting to board and some more newspapers and a blanket on the bench. possibility are endless!

Here’s my first update for the train station, thanks so much for the advice, I tried doing what u told me and heres what i came out with. I also tinted the lights orange, to give an eerie firey kind of effect. It turned out pretty cool, but still needs work.

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