Train Station

Hi everybody!
I’m working on a train station atm and I’m planning to use this in a short film later on. Im not completely clear on what it’s going to be about.
Left to do:
Train station interior
The platform itself
The rail
The ground

Hmm, pretty good start, though if you look at window frames they usually have some more detail. So, I would add detail to that.

Good way to go.

When I do modeling prototyping I tend to colorize temporarily different objects so I can distinguish them better.

Hi again and thanks for the comments. I have tried to detail the window frames, but I haven’t done much at it due to I wanna keep the poly count relative low, or at least so low that it wont have to render for hours. I have also added some basic materials (I will use other ones in the final render) and some more things to the model.
I just learned how to create anaglyfic 3d in blender so i had to try it out:D

At this point, I’d get a simple model, to scale, and also rough-out whatever other props you might wish to use, also to scale, and then start focusing on your short-film, using Blender’s “OpenGL preview render” capability. Only then will you have an idea what shots are needed, and what sets are needed for each shot.

For instance, for a shot of out of a train-window in which “(MCU) the protagonist, lost in thought, stares at a passing station through a rain-streaked window; she reaches up and pulls the curtain down over the window” a billboard of a train station would do nicely. But for the next shot (a high dolly-shot where “the antagonist/heartthrob that we’ll meet again in Scene #6 is slowly walking down the platform CUT TO (LS) he looks up to see a train whizzing past”) you might need a much more detailed set which consists of a more carefully modeled wall, a carefully modeled wooden walkway and absolutely nothing else that isn’t in camera-range. (The set used for the cutaway is another, different set. And so it goes.)

You animatic the various shots by putting reference cameras in a to-scale mock-up of the entire environment, rough-cut the whole thing together, then start taking it apart again to develop, shot by shot, what you actually need for each one. Don’t build anything in detail until you know you’re going to use it, and don’t build more than you need.

Thanks sundialsvc4 for your comment, I rely appreciate your advises and I will definitely follow them, I going to keep the station as it is now and only detail the parts that will be seen through the camera. I’ll also start to sketch up the film. :smiley:

The protagonist (a journalist) travel by train to a town in the middle of the night. She takes in at a hotel in the city where a famous politician was murdered a few years ago, but when she starts digging into the case, it emerged that several well-known businessmen, some politicians and even a police officer were involved in the story. These people become aware that they are about to be revealed, and the protagonist is drawn into a fight for life and death.

Okey, this is my main idea for the film, might be a bit hard to not make it too long to be able to complete the film, but you learn a lot from a challenge.
Hope you guys like my idea

Uh…how many ploys do you have already? Because detailing the window frames should only add a few hundred faces at most, and my computer (which is a laptop) can render 350,000 polys in a minute. So I think it shouldn’t take hours to render that.