Train Tracks in the Woods

This is my first serious approach to create realistic nature environment. What you’re about to see was made in Blender, rendered in Cycles and post production were done in Photoshop. I haven’t used any pre-made content except sky background and few photos which I’ve found on the internet and then used as some textures. I was inspired by many Andrew Price videos and by beauty of nature itself :slight_smile:

You can find more pictures and information about this project and appreciate my work on Behance if you will -

Best regards :slight_smile:

I can’t believe nobody responded to this image! I think it’s a wonderful scene. Very well executed. Maybe there’s a storytelling element missing. Something that connects with the viewer. Technically no critics!

Keep on blending!


zajebiste :wink:

It’s beautiful! How many samples did you render it on? And what are your PC specs?

the trees are so realistic, the shadows on the grass are so wonderful, you must be proud of this

This is the beautiful scene and I like it. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: It was rendered on my GTX 660 and samples were set to something about 1000 per 256x256 square, Godray pass has much more samples because volumetric in blender tend to be noisy and yet it is blurred a bit later on in Photoshop.

Thank you so much folks for that positive feedback :wink:

Top star from me.Btw: can you show us how you setuped particle system? More info about.

This is incredible! Love the lighting and attention to detail throughout. Really well done :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Example of an grass setup for this scene:

Thank you Blender Guru :smiley:

Beautiful, inspiring work Simonscat! :slight_smile: Especially the trees and grass, were they all hand modelled? :slight_smile:

I’ve modeled main trunk and few branches and then redistributed them on the trunks by using particle system, Background trees were made by using Sapling tree Add-on.

Here is a little pipeline:

Awesome, yes I’d wondered if there was some sculpting going on! :slight_smile: Did you texture paint the tree bark onto the mesh or was it a UV unwrapping job?

Yes, it was just UV unwrapping. :slight_smile:

very nice details

Amazing work here, congratulations. You’ve reached the point that makes small blender users like me aspire to be some day like you :slight_smile:

absolutely stunning work

Wonderful modeling, lighting, rendering, composition, materials!
Thank you for sharing your excellent work.

Blender Jedi you are. :yes:

One word: AMAZING!!! :slight_smile: