Train Tracks (new render)

Something I modelled up in about an hour, no textures/shaders used at all.

And after some post processing (adding yellow/brown and some noise) in photoshop:

Hey thats pretty good.

The ground looks a little blank, but overall a very good picture.

nice! i dont think i could do that in a hour.

Quite nice. I’d like to see a little more time and detail put into the pole holding the wires, but the image is quite nice.

that ‘picture’ is nice !!!

try to texure it maybe ???

Very good … if you add some details to the ‘posts’ and work just tiny bit on the sky … this pic is very very good…


Thanx for the comments, and I agree the poles needed a bit more work (or rather a completely new model). It was 4 am so I couldn’t really be bothered at that time ;).
Still don’t think it needs any textures added, the only texture is the one on the sky and i’m still not able to make a convincing one in Blender. Also added a support line to keep the wire up, just a tad more true to life.
Anyway, here’s the new render:

If you didn’t use any shaders or textures, how did you manage the clouds and that strange light at the end of the track? But more importantly, the clouds? Did I mention the clouds?


I’m sorry, told you it was late. I did use a texture for the sky (read previous post) and the strange light at the end is just that, a spotlight.

awsome job

nice, but you should go back to greyscale, make some textures for the train tracks (still keeping it black and white, obviously), and change the shaders (i.e. shinier top, rough wood, spec on tracks etc)

it’d be nice to see some gravel too…

it’s very cool