Any comments? This is nearly complete, and I wanted some feedback:

Needs better lighting, and the Train should (in my opinion) be centered in the camera view. The specular on the floor might need some fine tuning for more realism. One of the viewing windows is bright white and the other is dark, so you might want to change that. The black rectangle in the back wall seems out of place, If it’s a door or walkway some extra detail would help. The train itself is too hard to see for me to give detailed critique, so if you can change that and zoom in a bit I can try and help out some more.

agree with ^

  • shadows…

not to sound like a bore but I agree with the others. you lighting should be a priority for you

What do you mean by one of the viewing windows is light and one is dark? Yes that is a doorway, but I could just turn it back into a part of the wall to save the trouble. What would you suggest for getting the best lighting?

Add more lights and/or turn on Ambient Occlusion.

here is the updated version, its a little closer, that square peice with the wood texture is going to be a display case: