wanted todo more with this but do not have the time right now. i will probobly pick it back up later after i try something new.


Maybe it is just on my end but i can hardly make anything out, its way too dark :frowning:

Somehow one of the most beautiful things I have seen on these forums. It is softly sinister and quite lonely. Very good.

Thank you wombat. and bunkie thats probably from the color grading i used to give it a nice dark feel. possibly over did it. :slight_smile:

Brilliant!!! I could only see two problems.

  1. The front light should give off more light and a second soft light should be shining down from the front. That way the front end would be lit better but it would look like there is only one light.

  2. The mood I think you are trying to get at isn’t reflected by the train. It looks brand new. That may be what your trying to get but in my opinion the texture should show a bit of wear and tear.

Other than that it is great. Could we get a higher rez version?
I tried adding a light with the compositor like you suggested, tell me what you think.This has gotten me interested in this project again. I am also happy to be learning about the compositor with “the wow factor” and am trying to implement what I am learning.
Might have to get this moved this to wip forum if I update it again.