Trained music composer looking for job

Hello,I am an experienced and trained music composer. I’ve worked for eight years as a free-lance composer but would appreciate settling into full-time work for a company that can use my skills on a regular basis.
I particularly enjoy creating original music.
I have created music for films, documentary’s,video games, television and theatre.
I am accustomed to working towards deadlines and I enjoy rising to a challenge. My studio is fully equipped with professional grade instruments. I have experience in MIDI sequencing and digital audio processing.
I would be pleased to give you some samples of my work and find out more about what you are looking for in the composers you work with.

This is very good!

Shouldn’t this be under a different category? like jobs?

Cool, Followed you on SC. Great work here!

I’m interested in possibly using some of your music for a low-budget movie. I am at [email protected]. Thanks

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The Team Projects forum is not the correct place to solicit your skills.