I recently had a pre-selection task for a job that involved making 3 product designs (handbag, trainers, accessory, 7 day deadline). The brief was quite simple - the items had to be cool/futuristic/fancy, and that realism would be a bonus. There was no stipulation for poly count or other specific modelling instructions. Some references were provided for items available in the metaverse, so I tried to make designs that would not be out of place there (e.g. bright, animated, etc.).

I found this quite a fun little task, and a welcome contrast against the more slower pace of my recent projects. On reflection I think the sneaker design is the weakest (I had other ideas, but they would have taken too long to produce), but overall I am happy with how these all turned out. I also finally had a push to do some basic animation and editing in Davinci Resolve and it’s not as awkward as I first thought (at least the interface). If nothing comes of it at least it’s a nice little portfolio piece.

Charm bracelet:

To make the charms I used the following base images (free use with attribution):
Image by gohsantosa2
Image by gstudioimagen
Image by catalyststuff
Image by catalyststuff



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