Training Project: Space Ship

Hi everyone!

I started learning Blender (and 3D as well) in the beggining of this year, so I am very new to both.

Since now I have not given it much of my time. Now I decided to get into it once again.

My only education on both Blender and 3D are the Blender Manual and the Noob to Pro tutorials (all very helpfull, would never get any closer to what I can do now without them).

This project is inspired by the old game Descent, but I did not want just to copy things out so I decided to create a Ship of my own design. I still want it to fit the game style so I plan to add an unrrealistic amount of weapons to my ship.

The attachments show what I have got up to now. It covers he basic idea of the ship’s body.

All C&C are welcome, as well as tips and any info on what I can still improve.


It could use more details. Some of them can be added easily with the extrude, scale and rotate tools.

Like this on the back of the cockpit:

Tanks for the reply!
I am going to add details but it might take a while as I am a bit slow still. I want to redo the cockpit as a separated object (the actual one is just a placeholder), I am still to model the thrusters, and a few other thing I want to add.

Here is a small update, I polished a bit the mesh, and activated the auto smooth button. Discovered how just adding a few extra faces can affect the look of the model.

Next step: Thrusters!


Vey nice good progression so far i cant wait to see your exturing skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You might want to split the ship into more than one object early on if you plan to expand it a lot afterwards :slight_smile: Otherwise keep it up!

right, you might want to build the weapons seperately, then place them on your ship, it will make your job soooo much easier.

muwahahaha! one more for the sci-fi modelers!

Tanks for the replies! Maybe it is time to get back to this project. Had not touched it for a while. Maybe after I am done with my weekend challange entry this week.

@Klorine: Thanks, about my texturing skills, this will be the project I will train them most.

@Lwerewolf & iliketosayblah: That is the plan! Weapons, thrusters and cockpit as separated objects.