Training project

Hi guys, I am starting a career of profesional architectural 3D artist and I work on my portfolio. I have found an interesting house and I tried to recreated photos as visualization. Here are these renders. What do you think?/ How do you like it?


another ones


and some else


It’s a nice start, and if you are going for architectural visualisation, then well done. If you are going for realism, on the other hand, it’s all too clean. ArchViz and photorealistic don’t tend to go hand in hand.

@roken… I didn’t know that.

@op… I love it. Better than what I could do, lol. I can’t offer much tips cause I’m not very good at 3d.

Looking at this, I realize I’m the one who need training. Not you :slight_smile:
I don’t mind “too clean”, considering where I live is “too dirty” so it’s a nice break from reality :smiley:
Which renderer? How did you organize the job?

Can you show the photos of the place? Amazing Renders.

thank you :slight_smile:

thanks, I rendered these images with cycles … I don´t understand “How did you organize the job?”

I should probably qualify my response. ArchViz tends to always be a perfect render, because you try to represent a perfect shot. Phtorealism has to be dirtied, because in life, nothing is perfect. It really depends on the desired result.

What is rendertime of this shots? Looks really clean. Do you use some post-processing with your renders?

average render time was about one hour in full hd and I use 2000 - 3000 samples. My machine has Titan Z and GTX 780. If you interested in particular image I should look for a details
For postproces I used photoshop, but just basic color corrections

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