Trainings in Open Source Multimedia Tools

Hi everybody,
I want to inform you about TOSMI – an open source CGI and multimedia training for professionals organized by InterSpace. The 2008 training will cover the fields of 3D CGI, post-production, animation and special effects, media content for the web, web TV and e-marketing. The training is mainly based on open source software and provides skills in innovative and efficient tools and distribution channels allowing for achieving quality production and/or education process at low expenses.
In 2008 the training will take place in Thessaloniki (Greece) and Sofia (Bulgaria) and will be available in three sessions:

General Blender techniques, tips and tricks

Media content for the web, e-Marketing, streaming techniques

Advanced Blender techniques, external rendering engines, Python scripting

Deadline for enrollment is 10th of April.
To learn more about the program, methodology, software included and trainers, visit
For more information feel free to contact at [email protected].