Heres Link to full rez:

This is an actual trainstation in berwyn pennsylvania, which is like a foot from my house, and i decided to model it. hurray!

Very nice… :slight_smile:

My god! O-O very good work!!!

Wow very nice :D,
When the top was loading I honestly thought I was looking at a reference pic. ;).
The grass could be a bit better and the windows look funny, are they textured or modeled?
Which renderer did you use?

Great Job!

That’s a nice render.

its blender internal
and the windows are just textures on cubes(the buildings are the cubes), and i was originally gonna have DOF so you couldnt really tell, but the DOF didnt look good, and i didnt bother to change them. they arent really the focus so i dont really care that much :slight_smile:
and yeah the grass is static particles and i spent a long time trying to get it right, but i guess i never did haha

very nice, at first i thought it was an indigo but i was really surprised when i read that it is BI: 5* ^^

Very nice work

very good but i would tone down on the lighting and reflect a little…great job though…

Very nice! Excellent lighting!!

You’ve done such a great job I think you should really, really finish it. You might want to adjust some of the mapping on the buildings because some of the windows are partially covered by surrounding walls. Some of the geometry could use a little beveling (or maybe just a tad more). The texturing under the bridge seems to be reflective. It probably should have some carbon buildup from all of the trains passing underneath. I think some more signs of life (very subtle, the kind of things that are only noticed when you really look at the image) could be added to the apartments.

I noticed that you said you didn’t really care that much about a part of the image and I think you do an injustice to yourself and your hard work. The image is really good but, I can tell where you stopped being concerned. I think that when an image gets to this level of believability, you tend to draw the viewer’s mind into experiencing the image as being real. When you do that, you have an obligation, IMO, to close the deal on that expectation. So, you must care about those little details because it’s at that point that your image will fail. I’m not being overly critical. I just think it’s great but it could really be taken to a whole new level if those minor details (compared to the work that’s already been done) were given some care. Obviously, you have the ability to do it.

Thanks for sharing. I really thought the smaller version was a reference photo when I first viewed. Congratulations, that’s not an easy thing to achieve.

This is a very nice image, but I do think that there is excessive darkness in the lower right quadrant. It’s unrealistic to think that the tracks would be that dark… nor should they be.

“Lighten up, willya?” :slight_smile:

Seriously… the eye reacts to contrast, not absolute light values. Even “dark” areas of a scene need to have adequate light.

Great! Gallery Material!


Whoa that is awesome.

5 stars…gallery stuff. let us know @ u r lighting setup…atleast. pleeeeeeeaaaaaassse!

i can’t wait for the amazing train.

If this image wouldn’t be on modelling forums, I would keep it as photo with no doubt, unles I would stare it for few mins. Really nice!

Hi makin bacon , nice work that you have here :yes: 4 stars :slight_smile: , please can you explain how you made the realistic light and shadows .:o , you know , i want to bake such textures into the GE level .
C: the stairs rails and nets scale should be fixed a little .
thanks .

there is only one lamp, and its a very far away area lamp, with high Dist. and a yellowish tint. the rest of the light is provided by AO. the darkness in that corner is caused by the shadow from the bridge, but youre right, it shouldnt be that dark. ill work on that.

thats realllly well done…would like to see a train added to it though…maybe just a loco

this is amazing. if i didnt know it was blender id have to look at it for a second before i knew it was fake. i just see one problem. top right corner. theres not much grass so you can see the plain ol’ plane. besides that its GRRRRRRR-EAT!