Tranparency doesn't work!! Why?!

WTF is going on here? I can’t make things transparent anymore. I’ll take Suzanne, turn her alpha to 0, turn on Raytransp. Set up an object behind her. Render. Suzanne is all grey and black, not showing anything behind her. I can’t get things to be clear. I’m getting really mad about this because I’ve tried everything I can think of. If necessary, I’ll get some screen captures and renders to demonstrate.

you should set “ray” on in the render menu and maybe set “invert” on in the material buttons.

And take a deep breath… :smiley:

good luck, Twan

Okay, I just re-did that pixar eye tute from blenderchar, and it doesn’t work. Blender’s on the fritz! Instead of a transparent and slightly blue cornea (or whatever) it comes off as solid navy bue. That’s with ztransp! What’s happening?

Try This:

  1. Create a plane and place the monkey on it.
  2. Give the plane a material/texture and set TraShado on.
  3. Give the monkey a material color, and set the Aplha slider to the value you want.
  4. In te Mirror/Transp panel Set RayTransp on, set the IOR value and set the Depth to 4.
  5. For the lights set RayShadow on
  6. Render with Ray and Shadow on

NQE:Ztransp doesn’t work with Ray shadow lamps. try putting one without Ray shadows. :wink:

set TraShado on.


Ztransp doesn’t work with Ray shadow lamps.

And bingo.

Thanks! I don’t know why this never came up before though. I’ve done the pixar eye several times without worrying about those. :-?