Tranquil Morning

(Mason Blender) #1

Here is a render i did to challenge myself at nighttime renders. let me know what you think.

Here is the Viewport Render.

All critique is welcome and wanted!

(Elsdon) #2

Tranquil indeed. Very nice mood here. Good job all around.

(m0l) #3

I love the colors and ilumination. For adding more realism you can add a bit more texture to the water adding little plants or spots like insect to its surface, like in this image for example.
Adding mist in the backgroung or over the water I think would be a good point.
Anyway, you did a good job. Congrats.

(Androol) #4

I love this scene, but using my favorit sky colors is cheating.

In a way this pink and blue sky make this almost as romantic as it’s peacefull.

(Mason Blender) #5

Thank you very much!

(Mason Blender) #6

thank you! this is very helpful!

(Mason Blender) #7

lol. thanks :smiley:

(rohrzange) #8

You’ve really nailed the atmosphere, your lighting and the colors are just awesome