I wanted to share with you this short film i did a while ago. Due to my level of skills (begginer-intermediate), to the fact that i did all by my self and i didnt want it to take forever for me to complete it, I decided not to be very perfectionist about it so it has several errors like poor character topology and rigging, bad animation pacing at times, etc, wich made me partially regret my philosophy, but overall im happy with it. Its all done in blender (rendered in bi), except for the sound mixing for which I used audition, and the music I did it with fruity loops.
Heres the video:

And here are a couple of images:

If you didn’t say anything I would have assumed that you just had an original and abstract style and that the modeling and animation were done that way on porpose. While I can’t say I completely followed the entire story, I thought it was a very unique piece. I can imagine you put a great deal of time into it.

It was an interesting piece. The particle system you used for the water needs work, but as a beginner, you show some promise. Polish your work and you will go far.

Thanks for your comments!