Tranquility garden (with flowers)

Note that this was my first time modeling flowers and probably won’t again for a while since still I wasn’t totally satisfied in how they came out.

Also had this project sitting around for a few days waiting to render it so don’t think I didn’t start this till after the last image I put up here.

I won’t jump on any bandwagon here… I still think you should put more time into finishing an image…


most of the the flowers are pretty good. your shadows and rocks look really nice. good work. :smiley:

That’s a strange statement. If you are not satisfied with your flowers you should practice flowers more than ever, shouldn’t you?

Very nice. Work on the lighting.

Yes. Lighting definately needs work.

Some things to work on:

The grass, looks a bit limp, like fish.

Flowers are okay. But where they are planted looks odd. And the flowers with 4 petals looks really odd.

Textures need a lot of work too. Everything looks like its made of cardboard.

BTW I can’t figure out what the plane at the bottom is. Is it dirt or grass?

Look forward to an update. :wink:

Like I said they were the first flowers I ever modeled, so don’t expect them to be absolutely perfect.

Kansas: For a really easy lighting set up which’ll look a lot better than this, shove a hemi in the middle of this scene at energy of 0.8, and render with yafray, only adjusting the settings of Yafray GI: Method->Skydome, and put the quality to whatever you choose.

Post the results, it should hopefully look a lot better.

Only thing is that I don’t use Yafray.

Plus it would take a bit longer to render and I used textures that aren’t supported by Yafray.

I just thought it’d show you that your work can look better than it currently does, and how lighting really makes a big difference.

You just seem reluctant to take anyones advice, the nature of constructive criticism is that it’s to try and help you improve, not to run down your work.

I normally don’t follow them all that much but I keep them in mind when doing another image. And I usually replace the project files with new projects so I save space in the load/save menu and on the hard drive.

BTW: you were a bit late in this topic anyway :wink:

ACtually, I dont think this is taht bad… Kansas… if this is going to be your style I think your onto something here… The lighting could be re-worked a bit to show shadows and help show depth… but beyond that… it kinda reminds me of a painting.
I cant believe I’m going to say this to the uber-spammer… but good job!