Trans Antarctic Expedition

Hi all, I am working on a new project, that is my own rendition of a famous National Geographic photo from one of the first expeditions across antarctica. The image I have created is based upon a single photo, and i went ahead and drew my own front side and top views of the snow cat, and although it may not be exactly like in the image, i feel this will give me some room to play around with the scene. It doesn’t have to be exact, but i will strive to get close, with texturing. Anyway, here is the model i have currently, and at this point in time it is roughly 350k polys. I should take lessons on low poly modelling, but it was a tough model to do, because of the way different corners meet in the model.

So without further ado, here it is. My attempt to texture this will be thorough, but i imagine I will have many questions about it. I will follow this up with wires, so you can see my strategies. I know they are not the best wires in terms of efficiency, but they got the job done, as of now. Thanks for showing interest

Your vehicle model is very professional. Can’t wait to see some material applied to it.

the second he moves hes down, it the way he is positioned